Dr Danchell’s facilities

Dr Danchell’s facilities

The facility is a gift from district physician Dr. Danchell to his patients and the city. When the site was built is not known with certainty, but probably around the 1900’s as it was not finished when Dr. Danchell died in 1904, therefore Allinge – Sandvig Municipality took over the site and finished the work.

The reason for this facility is that Danchell preferred not to be paid for his treatments, as he was not short of money himself, so this way he could give the money back to patients and the city.

The site includes a small stone hut built from the granite stones found in the area. The hut is said to have been a barrel cage where people could store their smoked and salted food and spirits.

The hut was later used for storing tools. There is a further stone hut, the use of which is currently unknown. A stone structure has been built, possibly a lectern, as it is raised above the ground and on both sides there are steps up to the floor, on which a kind of desk with a curved front has been built, from which one could stand a little high in front of an assembly and speak to the audience.

You can also see the old drinking fountain made of smaller granite stones, but it no longer works. A memorial stone to Dr. Danchell has been erected in the facility. Next to the lectern, a toilet building has been built in recent times.