Technical school Allinge

Technical school Allinge

Technical school Allinge

In February 1883, 21 men from Allinge and Sandvig met at the town hall with the aim of forming a craftsmen’s and industrial association. Initially, it was not intended to build a school, the plan was that it would only be evening school education at Allinge Borgerskole, but 12 years later, the Technical School is built.

The old technical school in Allinge

Allinge Technical School is a beautiful old building that was ready for inauguration in December 1895. The school was designed by architect Mathias Bidstrup, who at the time was the principal of Rønne Technical School. The construction was carried out by August Kofoed from Allinge who had the cheapest offer among three builders. In a newspaper advertisement from May 1895 one could read the following offers from the three builders, August Kofoed 14.620 kr., mason Larsen from Allinge 15.847 kr. and carpenter Anton Sonne also from Allinge 16.400 kr.

Decoration of the old technical school in Allinge

The building is constructed in red stone and granite with a slate roof and a tower with half-timbering and spire. The ceramic reliefs symbolising the various crafts were made at the Søholm ceramics factory by Hans Ancher Wolffsen. On top of the spire there are also used symbols from the craftsman in order to a pass and a triangular ruler. Above the window at the entrance, the following text is carved: today the Lord has created for daad.

In 1899, a Realschule was established and as the Technical School only had evening classes, the Realschule was accommodated in the same classrooms during the day. In the early 1970s, the building was taken over by Allinge – Gudhjem Municipality and a library was built. In 2017 the library was closed and moved to Kongeskærskolen ( Allinge School ).

The building is currently used as offices for the association Folkemødet, which organises the annual political event “Folkemødet”.