If you are interested in looking at ruins – castle ruins or church ruins – then this opportunity is present on Bornholm. You can see 2 church ruins and four visible castle ruins, the most famous of which is Hammershus, also the largest castle ruin in northern Europe.

There are supposedly 3 more ruins on the island, but here no masonry or other visible evidence is found, but because of the area’s appearance or location it is believed that there once was a castle.

Sct. Anna Chapel – Gudhjem

The small ruin that can be seen today next to Gudhjem Church is the remains of Sct. Anna Chapel, the last of the original seven coastal chapels. In 1893, the new church was completed and the fate of the chapel remained unknown. However, there were wishes to use the site for 30 new burials. But not everyone wanted the chapel to go, they had even applied to ...