Sandvig on North Bornholm is a small idyllic fishing village with a small cosy harbour. The town originally consisted of only a few fishermen’s houses and farms. Sandvig has been known far back in history, already in the 1200s, the town was known, among other things in connection with Hammershus.

The name Sandvig probably comes from sand (in the bay) and vig (bay). From documents, the fishing village has had different ways the name has been spelled. In 1416 Sandewik was written, in 1434 Sandwig and on a document from 1737, with a drawing of a possible naval harbour in Lake Hammer, the fishing village was spelled Sanwig, so exactly when Sandvig was spelled as it is today, is unknown.

Opal lake – Crystal Lake and Siberia

Opal lake - Crystal Lake and Siberia

Opal Lake, situated between high steep cliffs and immediately next to Hammer Lake, is a relic from a time when granite quarrying was a major source of income and employment on Bornholm. Opal Lake, Crystal Lake and Siberia are among the oldest quarries on the island.

Before the Opal lake was formed, the area was ...

Food tray petroglyphs

The largest petroglyph field in Denmark is Madsebakke. The carvings date back to the Bronze Age. On a large smooth rock there are 11 ships 3 curved lines probably also representing ships, sun crosses or wheel signs, foot signs and some bowl pits. More recently, several petroglyphs have been found in the vicinity, but they are located in private gardens. The name Madsebakke can be found as ...

Hammersø – Denmark’s only mountain lake

Hammersøen on Nordbornholm is Denmark's only mountain lake and the largest natural lake on the island. Hammersø is about 650 m long, 150 m wide and 13 m deep and situated about 9 m above sea level. On the two long sides it is very steep, about 2 m out the water depth is already 11 - 12 m, on the other two sides the bottom falls more evenly. But there ...

Dr Danchell’s facilities

The facility is a gift from district physician Dr. Danchell to his patients and the city. When the site was built is not known with certainty, but probably around the 1900's as it was not finished when Dr. Danchell died in 1904, therefore Allinge - Sandvig Municipality took over the site and finished the work. The reason for this facility is that Danchell preferred not to ...
The Dome in Allinge

The Dome in Allinge

The Dome in Allinge

The dome was built in 2012 in connection with a public meeting on Bornholm. The dome is owned by Boligselskabernes Landsforening ( BL ) and was designed by architects Kristoffer Tejlgaard and Benny Jepsen. For the first few years, the Dome stood by the car park across the road, but as there was a desire for it to be a permanent building for ...