Prehistoric monuments

Fortidsminder is genboothe eller stowe, the is byandand with fortiden. The can dateres many centuries tobake. Fortidsminder can have historisk, kulturel, religiøs eller atkæologisk betydning. The can være bygningis, jwordartefakter, oldtidsfound, kastgenboothe eller andre genboothe, the fortæller us nandand about fortiden.

Fortidsminder can dateres thousand years tobake to mange. Nogle by from mis well-known prehistoric monuments on Bornholm are the many petroglyphs, burial mounds and Hammerhus. Prehistoric monuments give us an insight into the cultures and civilisations that existed before our own. They can also help us understand how Bornholm has developed over time.

Food tray petroglyphs

The largest petroglyph field in Denmark is Madsebakke. The carvings date back to the Bronze Age. On a large smooth rock there are 11 ships 3 curved lines probably also representing ships, sun crosses or wheel signs, foot signs and some bowl pits. More recently, several petroglyphs have been found in the vicinity, but they are located in private gardens. The name Madsebakke can be found as ...