Churches & Cemeteries

There are quite a few churches on Bornholm in relation to the size of the island. There are 22 churches and 2 church ruins located in Østermarie and Gudhjem, as well as a church on Christiansø. The oldest churches are believed to have been built in the 1100s and the youngest was built in 1940.

Of the many churches, 4 in particular are unique and visited by many tourists each year. These are our round churches. The largest of them all is Østerlars round church, followed by Olsker, Nylars and Nyker. However, it is not only on Bornholm that there are round churches, in all of Denmark there are 7 round churches.

Sct. Anna Chapel – Gudhjem

The small ruin that can be seen today next to Gudhjem Church is the remains of Sct. Anna Chapel, the last of the original seven coastal chapels. In 1893, the new church was completed and the fate of the chapel remained unknown. However, there were wishes to use the site for 30 new burials. But not everyone wanted the chapel to go, they had even applied to ...
The Russian cemetery in Allinge

The Russian cemetery in Allinge

When World War II ended, Bornholm was invaded by Russian troops. The reason for their presence was that the German occupying troops in Denmark had to surrender to the British troops, which also happened in the rest of Denmark, just not on Bornholm. Something went wrong in the communication, so the English troops never came to Bornholm, the Russians did.. But the German troops on ...

Allinge Church – Where the clock never strikes 9

Allinge Church, built in the mid-16th century, was originally a chapel, referred to in 1569 as Alende Capell. Until 1941 it was an annex of Ols Church. The church is located in the middle of the town, 11 m above sea level and only about 100 m from the sea. There is no large cemetery at the church, as the road network and buildings have prevented the cemetery ...