About Infobornholm

About Infobornholm

Infobornholm is a privately owned site started in 2007 that we work on in our spare time. Originally the idea was that the site would be called “Bornholmerbilleder” and contain pictures from Bornholm, without much information about the content of the pictures. Mostly the speceille things that you often don’t see over here, even when you live here, were things to be shown in the form of pictures.

The idea was changed in 2012 after much time spent taking pictures, making website systems etc. The new idea was to link information to the site and here arose the name Infobornholm. The site is not only for tourists, but we also focus on giving Bornholmers accurate information about their own island.

The domain was purchased in 2013 and the first texts were launched immediately, along with images from “Bornholmerbilleder”.

Who is behind

As mentioned, the site is privately owned, but we have the professional experience to be able to provide this type of information and to be able to sort out the many troll myths and only tell a bit of trollery, so we have a site with as many facts as possible.

The work experience comes from one of the two owners having worked as a tourist bus driver and guide for 13 years, which she quit in 2014. The other owner is a programmer and therefore has easy access to website work and is a press photographer (member of the Danish Press Association).

History of Infobornholm

From 2014 to 2017, not much has happened with infobornholm, but we have worked on getting the design in place, taking pictures and getting texts written etc. In 2018, it has gone fast and we are working hard in our spare time to get new content written and replace the old pictures that were taken by the owner who is not a photographer when the site was called BornholmerBilleder and it was a solo project.