The Dome in Allinge

The Dome in Allinge

The Dome in Allinge

The dome was built in 2012 in connection with a public meeting on Bornholm. The dome is owned by Boligselskabernes Landsforening ( BL ) and was designed by architects Kristoffer Tejlgaard and Benny Jepsen. For the first few years, the Dome stood by the car park across the road, but as there was a desire for it to be a permanent building for the People’s Summit, it was dismantled and moved to Circus Square in 2014. In this context, some improvements had to be made to the building.

To make it weathertight, a layer of weatherboard was placed between the inner and outer walls and Plexiglas windows were installed, which were produced in 52 different variants. Toilets were installed in the basement and a large terrace with disabled access was created outside. The building has a lounge, a mafia and a hall that can accommodate 150 people.

The wooden skeleton itself is made of state-controlled Bornholm Douglas fir and the cladding in various recycled wood. The dome is 212 m2 and is 8 m high and the whole construction cost 6,5 million crowns. During the People’s Meeting, the cathedral serves as a meeting house, but the building is also owned by Bornholm’s Regional Municipality and can be rented for various activities, from party rooms to art exhibitions.

Rent the dome

It is possible to rent the dome for some purposes, we have gathered some information about this. For more information about renting the dome, please contact:

The Department for Emergency, Sports & Public Education at Bornholm Regional Municipality at e-mail (write in subject, rent of the dome in Allinge).

General information about renting the dome:

The dome cannot be used for private parties. By this is meant what is colloquially known as “soup, fry and ice cream parties”, i.e. birthday parties, silver weddings, confirmations and the like.

Associations may also organise some types of events for their members/volunteers, which may also have a festive character.

However, it is always a good idea to write to the email above about your specific event so that you can get a clear answer.