The first clay pit – Emerald Lake

The first clay pit – Emerald Lake

Dhen production began at Hasle Klinker- og Chamottestenfabrik in about 1900, a lot of clay was needed. The first clay pit to appear in Hasle Lystskov was the one we know today as Emerald Lake. However, this soon turned out not to be a good idea.

They had to stop the clay digging, not because the clay was of poor quality, but on the contrary. But nature prevented them from continuing. There was a very heavy water jump at the bottom of the clay pit, which made digging almost impossible.

A new pit was started – the Pyrite Lake, which supplied clay to the factory until it closed.

The name Emerald Lake originates from the slightly greenish colour of the water. The lake can be considered a forest lake, although the river Bagå runs through it.

Fishing is allowed in the lake if you have a fishing permit. However, it can be a bit tricky, precisely because of the trees around the lake. Here you can catch pike, perch and sea trout.