Riding on Bornholm

Riding on Bornholm

Bornholm’s nature is beautiful for many who want to jump on the back of the horse, but may not have a horse for this on Bornholm. There is a large choice of riding schools and private ones with horses to rent.

Bornholm unfortunately has no real riding path / route, but this does not prevent many from riding, as the Bornholm forests and roads are incredibly good for just riding, and allowed. Rules for riding on public roads can be read via this link: http://www.naturstyrelsen.dk/Naturoplevelser/Adgang/Hvormaajegfaerdes/Hest/

Because there are so many choices with horseback riding on Bornholm, either on their holiday, in teams, or just as a fun day, we have here perhaps made the choice a little easier for you. Whether you are a new rider or an experienced rider is irrelevant, the riding school you contact will be able to offer a form of riding for everyone.

Horse rental on Bornholm

If you are a tourist need to rent a horse, it is not without importance whether you choose a riding school or a privately owned horse. The biggest, often important difference is that riding schools have trained or very experienced riders for their private rides. This is a great advantage for new riders in particular, but experienced riders can also benefit from having an experienced rider on the trip.

Riding schools / Turridning on Bornholm

Stutteri Liselund (Turridning)
Address: Blemmelyngvejen 24, 3700 Rønne
Telephone: 61 70 07 91
Email: glisserne@gmail.com
Website: http://www.stutteriliselund.dk


Riding on Bornholm

The kind of riding that most people think of is with a horse and saddle, this kind of riding is, as in the rest of the country, the most popular. Horse riding is for everyone of all ages and can be practiced at whatever level you want. The riding schools on Bornholm have classes for beginners and experienced riders and you can usually start when you feel like it.

The least common form of riding on Bornholm is Trotting and Monte. There are trotting races every week from April to October in Almindingen. If you want to start with trotting or monte, Bornholm’s brand park has a lot of information about this on their website, including references to various trainers and associations. Link: https://www.bornholmsbrandpark.dk/

Around in a horse-drawn carriage on Bornholm

If you don’t like saddles, but prefer a bench and cart, Bornholm also has several options for this.

In the summer, in Svaneke, Gudhjem, Åkirkeby, and Almindingen, it is possible to go horse-drawn carriage rides, the prices for these rides are different and the length of them varies. The tour in Almindingen is the best known tour ( Ekkodalen ) and costs about 100 kroner per person, including coffee and cake.